GP338 Signalling Capabilities

The GP338 two-way radio supports these three signalling protocols:

MDC1200 Signalling

  • PTT-ID (Encode/Decode) Identify your outgoing calls and incoming callers
  • Voice Selective Call (Encode/Decode) Send and receive a call from a specific group or individual
  • Selective Radio Inhibit (Decode) Allows system owner to disable stolen or missing radios
  • Status/Messages (Encode) Pre-defined text messages can be assigned to enable users to send frequently used messages and statuses quickly, without the need to talk
  • Call Alert (Encode/Decode) Inform unavailable users that you're trying to reach them, and receive alerts of incoming calls when you're a short distance away from your radio
  • Radio Check (Encode/Decode) Check whether another user's radio is activated, and let others check your radio status
  • Emergency (Encode) Sounds an alarm or alerts dispatcher in urgent situations

Quik Call II Signalling

  • Call Alert (Encode/Decode)
  • Voice Selective Call (Encode/Decode) III) Dual Tone Multiple Frequency (DTMF) Signalling

Other GP338 Features

  • Channel Scan
  • Time-Out-Timer
  • PL / DPL
  • Busy Channel Lockout