IDAS™ expands coverage and capacity


  • 6.25kHz digital migration
  • Digital/analogue mixed mode operation

Multi-Site Conventional

  • Up to 16 IDAS repeater sites connection
  • over an IP network.
  • RC-FS10, PC dispatch station

Type-D Single Site Trunking

  • Distributed channel system which does not use a dedicated control channel
  • Up to 30 channels per system
  • Up to 2,000 individual IDs and up to 2,000 group IDs

Type-D Multi-Site Trunking

  • Distributed channel system
  • Up to 30 channels per site and up to 48 sites connection over an IP network
  • Up to 60,000 individual IDs and 60,000 group IDs with fleet management
  • Automatic site roaming
  • ESN authentication
  • RC-FS10 PC dispatch


All advantages shown represent possible system configurations. Ask your Icom dealer to configure an IDAS system that works best for you.

*Note: Private IP Network or VPN tunnels through the Internet with static endpoints.