High Resolution PreView®

Reduce your blind spot accidents by more than 75% like other customers


High Resolution PreView® is a pulsed radar object detection sensor designed to detect moving and stationary objects in blind spots to significantly reduce accidents. PreView consists of three simple components: 1) external sensor; 2) in-cab display to provide visual and audible notification to the operator; and 3) cable system to connect the sensor and display. Coverage area can be up to 20ft/6m depending on the sensor chosen and your specific needs.

PreView® puts the control back into the hands of your operators, your first line of defense against accidents.

Built for real-world work sites and conditions, PreView‘s sensor detects objects through fog, snow, rain, dirt, mud, debris, and other extreme elements and weather conditions. Once an object is detected, the operator receives proximity ranging information through an in-cab audible and visual display so he can react before an accident occurs.

In comparison to other PreView Radar Sensors, High Resolution was specifically designed to detect objects as close as 2ft/.6m to the vehicle. The LEDs on the display shows the proximity range in increments. The result is safer maneuvering and detection for busy work sites and closer working conditions.


  • Audible and visual in-cab notification gives drivers the extra seconds they need to react
  • Increases work site safety
  • Effective in extreme weather and work site conditions
  • PreView customers report over 75% reduction in blind spot accidents when PreView is installed


  • Available for multiple detection zones: 10ft/3m, 15ft/4.5m , or 20ft/6m
  • Current Pull: Less than 1/2 AMP connects to reverse lights for power
  • Operating Temperatures: -40oF to +185oF (-40oC to +85oC)
  • Sensor Dimensions: 4.13” (H) x 4.95” (W) x 1.7”(D) (10.5cm x 126.4cm x 4.3cm)