MineTrack Customized Solutions

MineTrack is a feature and option rich tracking system that covers more than just the basics necessary to manage a fleet.  However, all fleets and services differ from business to business. MineTrack has the capability to be customized for the specific needs of any business that must manage and monitor their assets. Whether a truck, dozer grader or other equipment, all assets can be managed by the same system! Every company and every fleet is different and that is why SNCTechnologies has a product range that can be adapted to any business management needs – we call it Custom Solutions!

Companies are not limited and can now customize tracking software, maps, hardware, sensor integration, reports, geofence......and more.

The following are a few examples of customization

Custom Reports

  • Truck Status and Activity
  • Activity is Based on Geofence (Loading, Dumping, Traveling, Hauling)
  • Status is Based on Geofence and/or Push Button

RFID Integration

  • Operators log into the vehicle by swiping their RFID card before and after shift change
  • An Alarm occurs at dispatch if the operator does not swipe their card before the vehicle is moving
  • An alarm will at dispatch occur if operator is not authorised to drive the truck


  • Harsh breaking, harsh acceleration detection
  • Alarm will occur if the operator drives too harsh
  • The information will sent to server and appear on dispatcher screen

Fuel Management

  • Measure the truck fuel level and send the information to server for further processing
  • Integrate to the onboard fuel gauge to relay fuel levels in real-time back to the server

Weigh Bridge 

Each vehicle is equipped with a RFID TAG for truck identification. The individual trucks weight is assigned to the truck to calculate the accumulated KPIs at the end of shift.

  • Integration with weigh bridge to measure productivity
  • Each vehicle is equipped with a RFID TAG for truck identification
  • Embedded PC is interfaced to the weighbridge data system which is use to take the tonnage reading and send to the main server for recording and reporting