MineView – Reporting System

Having accurate, timely and comprehensive data is vital to any mining operation.  However, the ability to access and interpret the data is needed for effective decision making. The MineView Reporting System uses the world standard MSSQL database that allows for easy access to the data for custom data analysis and reporting requirements. 

The MineView interface uses SharePoints and SQL Reporting Server (SSRS) making it quite simple for someone with even the most basic reporting experience to do report customizations and create functional KPI Dashboards. The reports are able to be exported to CSV and PDF formats and can be set to be emailed to site Managers or different departments at pre-determined times.

During the project implementation stage SNCTechnologies will review the customer reporting requirements so the customer has the flexibility to determine the reports that will be needed. A SNCTechnologies database analyst will sit with the customer and gather all the requirements and pull together a Customer Requirement document for the reporting system. 

The figure below is a customized real-time KPI dashboard developed for a customer.


MineReports - List of Standard Reports

Additional customized reports are available upon request.

  • Shift Absence
  • Shift Loads
  • Shift Dumps
  • Shift Logins
  • Shift Activities
  • Shift Engine Hour
  • Shift Overspeed
  • Shift Event Logs
  • Shift Messages
  • Shift Prestart Check
  • Summary Report
  • Production Summary
  • Loader Hourly Production 
  • Truck Hourly Production
  • Production Summary
  • Equipment Status
  • Shovel Cycle Time
  • Truck Cycle Time
  • Truck Average Speed
  • Fleet Haul and Travel Distance
  • Equipment Status History
  • Summary Operations Cost
  • Operator Performance by Activities and Loads
  • Equipment Availability and Utilization

Below is an Example of a Standard Prestart Check Report :