MineLinkMobile -  Onboard Interactive Touchscreen


A rugged MineLinkMobile LCD touch screen is installed in the cab of on-site mining equipment. The MineLinkMobile screen displays the real-time information such as cycles, assignments, mine map, KPIs, etc. The onboard mine map provides the operator with awaraness of other vehicles that are operating near them, which road/route that they must take and where their assigned shovel or dump is located. The onboard features will also improve the safety at the mine site.

The KPI screen will provide each operator with all of their individual KPI parameters such as number of cycles, tons per hour, cycle time and many more.  This will help the operators to increase their productivity.

Operator KPI View

Tap the KPI icon, to open the Key Performance Indicator screen to display all of the important KPI information specific for that vehicle so the operator can evaluate his individual performance and productivity.

Operator Real-Time Map View

Tap on the Map icon to open the Mine Map view which shows the current mine situation. This includes highlighting the other equipment around the unit and the immediate locations such as blast areas, dumps and workshops etc. This feature provides the “bigger picture” to the operator during the operation of the equipment. The onboard mine map also updates automatically in real-time and will move along as the equipment moves.

Operator Prestart Check View

Tap the Prestart Check icon to open to the Prestart Check Menu. The operator must go through each of the prestart check items one by one before the system will allow the operator to go to the next screen. this assures that operator is really doing a prestart check.

Operator Prestart Check Drill Down View

The button color will change to green if there is a problem with one or more checklist items. Additional comments can be added within each prestart check item and the message will be sent to the Plant/Maintenance Dispatcher.