MineLink is Best in Class


MineLink has been designed by SNCTechnologies dedicated team of hardware and software engineers with many years of on-the-job experience in the mining industry and specific expertise in fleet management systems.

Onboard Equipment Designed and Built Tough for Mining

The MineLink onboard units have been designed and built tough for rugged mining conditions. They include an industrial grade Mobile Data LCD Touch Screen Terminal which has been fitted out with the very latest and smartest Intel Atom processor to exceed the intensive onboard data processing requirements. SNCTechnologies has proactively partnered with an international industrial grade hardware manufacturer to ensure that we have the very best-in-class ion onboard hardware. With over a million of these devices operating throughout the world, these units have had years of in-field experience.

State of the Art Communications

MineLink works with SNCTechnologies MineComm communications system to deliver the highest bandwidth capacity while at the same time ensuring efficient frequency channel usage and smooth vehicle travel with high speed data roaming and handover between communication access points across the entire mine site network.

Latest Advanced Database Technology

MineLink utilizes state of the art database technology for both the server and mobile devices.  It is the most reliable database synchronization framework and was designed specifically for mobile devices travelling at high speeds with very high mobility flexibility, low bandwidth power requirements while holding a consistent connection to the server. It uses SQL databases for easy custom report writing.

Continuous Development and Improvements

SNCTechnologies keeps up-to-date with the worlds continuously changing mining technologies. With non-stop product development the improvements are continuously adding more feature rich modules such as proximity detection, fatigue detection, shovel to truck peer to peer communications, harsh brake/acceleration detection, prohibited zones and much more. The MineLink road map is a continuous development cycle. As new features are developed, trialed and tested they will be automatically updated to the current installed site systems seamlessly. This means your MineLink system is never out-of-date.