MineLink Benefits

Greater Mining Productivity

The MineLink Fleet Optimizer increases mine production by reducing loader hangs, truck queues, and truck cycle times. MineLink will make mining operations more efficient.

Greater Equipment Productivity

By increasing equipment efficiency, MineLink will get more production out of your fleet.  Increase production without increasing the fleet size.

Greater Manpower Productivity

MineLink FMS assists operators and supervisors to achieve the highest work performance by automatically assigning the operator to the most optimal loader or dump. Reduce lost manpower time waiting in queues or for the next truck.

Lower Fuel Costs

Typically 30% to 40% of operating costs go to fuel.  10% of this fuel is burned up waiting in queues, or for premature fueling trips. MineLink reduces these losses.

Better Management Information and Reporting

Real-time information and reporting capabilities assist management, dispatchers, and supervisors in achieving their goals. MineLink provides not only “data” but concise and easy to read summary data that allows you to identify and fix problems in real-time, Rather than looking at yesterday’s problems.

Reduce Maintenance Cost

MineLink provides connectivity to CAT VIMS, Komatsu VHMS and other major heavy equipment OEM systems so engine problems can be detected early and before they require costly repairs. Also interfaces directly to: PLM, TPMS, and supports SAE J1939 communications protocol standards. This means that you can monitor and stream engine performance data quickly and efficiently.

Complete Equipment Tracking

Complete mine operations real-time tracking of equipment position, activity, status, production, material, operator login, assignments and engine hours. Complete with automatic truck cycle activity detection. MineLink uses the most up-to-date next generation GPS and OEM interfaces that provide the most accurate cycle timing and activity detection features.

Onboard Moving Mine Map Gives the Big Picture

Operators, dispatchers and supervisors can view a moving map of the entire mine site displaying all equipment in real-time. There are multiple map layers for each type of equipment, dumps, blasts, roads and more. Users can enable or disable layers to suit their preferences or requirements.

Easy to Use Interface

Simple rich information Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the onboard operator unit includes site map, on-board messages back to base, KPI and system information. Customized versions of the onboard GUI feature is available upon request and includes, but not limited to languange, icons and forms.

Additional Features

Delay Notifications

MineLink FMS sends an alarm and notification to the dispatch station when the equipment remains on/at the same state. For example; delayed lunch break, standing too long in one location (at dump areas that are difficult to supervise operators) or more than the specified/allocated time limit. 

PreStart Checklist

MineLink provides the onboard operator LCD touch screen interface providing the operator a Prestart Check list. MineLink sends the Prestart Checklist status information to the Plant Dispatcher for each vehicle item. Prestart Checklist reports can be generated per unit and per operator.

Automatic or Manual Dispatching

MineLink FMS provides an assignment based on a planned schedule or immediate assignments from a dispatcher.  Further, MineLink provides an interactive interface making the assignment process quicker and easier than other systems.

Preset Assignments

The dispatcher can store a list of predetermined assignments that can be applied at any time.