DrillGradeTM System

Hole Navigation System for all types of Drill Rigs


Guides the Operator to drill parallel holes at the correct depth in a safe and easy way
Accurate Drilling = Better Blasting
Better Blasting = Better Fragmentation
Better Fragmentation = Lower Downstream Costs


  • Navigate and position from the drill cab without any marks on the surface
  • Easily create a drill pattern in the machine to a terrain model, depth and height.
  • Load/change terrain models, localisations easily
  • Visualize 3D surfaces in the field
  • Handle simple localisations within DrillGrade™ not the receiver
  • Integration option for Atlas Copco FlexiROC™ w/HEC3 system and SmartROC™ w/RSP system
  • Retrofit to almost any drill
  • Get near real-time system feedback with remote wireless monitoring
  • Import/export dwg, dxf, csv and IREDES hole data


SNCTechnologies uses Carlson Software’s DrillGrade™ System to provide improved accuracy, efficiency and safety for all functions related to drilling and blasting. The features and benefits of DrillGrade™ will lower drilling and blasting costs.


• Get correct angle and depth of all holes

• Enable correct hole and row distance at bottom of the blast

• Significantly reduce the need to mark collar points and depth


• Reduces blasting costs

• Lowers survey costs

• Integration option for fitting FlexiROC™ with HEC3 system and SmartROC™ with RSP system

• Enables all-weather operation, day or night

• World’s largest GNSS driver library

• Provides real-time information for operators and office personnel

• Keeps operator in the cab and out of harm's way, thanks to stakeless drill pattern layout

• Has both audio and visual alarms, set up for avoidance zones, to keep machines in safe working boundaries

• Prevents encroachment of individual machines with proximity warnings operators know each machine's location and alarms can be triggered if a proximity zone is breached

• Fleet efficiency enhanced with as-built data recorded locally and shared between multiple rigs working the same pattern - marrying machines. (Requires wireless network and Carlson’s Fleet Manager Office)


 Key Hardware Components

  • CPU/Touchscreen Display – Carlson CBx5 Control Box Console loaded with Carlson’s DrillGrade™ Software
  • Integrated RTK GNSS Receiver in CBx5
  • GNSS heading unit
  • RTK Correction (UHF, 900Mhz, GSM, CDMA supported)
  • Angle and length transducers to measure the movement of the boom and cradle
  • Optional support for internal sensors for some drill manufacturers